If you can’t beat the heat, join it!

Dress: From Model Citizen Huntington Beach. Similar in fall colors here $40 and here  $39, and one more here $35. || Shoes: Sole Society $44. || sunnies: Quay Australia

Yes I am aware that it is now fall and I should only be posting about fall things BUT it’s still so hot here!!! If I wear a sweater, I will die of heat stroke. So this is a post on how to beat the heat in September. I figure if I can’t beat em, join em. I broke down and put on my favorite floral dress. I love this dress because it is so light and airy. It can also be adjusted in the back. My favorite part is that the elastic sit’s under the breast so it flows out over my stomach instead of pinching it. This allows the dress to hide my little spare tire. I picked mine up at a boutique sale for $20. I like to go to an area that has Farmers markets because there is shopping around and boutiques always have a sale rack out to attract customers. Sale racks are also great for finding out of season clothes at a steal! (you can get them now for cheap and save them for the next season) Dresses are safe to purchase out of season because they don’t change much style wise. Hence this dress I picked up when it was supposed to be fall. Jokes on them! I get to wear it now! You can pair this mini dress with sandals or even some light colored sneakers. Since it is a delicate dress, I would accessorize this with dainty jewelry. Now if only I could find this dress in fall colors I’d have the best of both worlds! Thankfully I did some research and found you some great deals in more appropriate fall colors. Enjoy and try to stay cool!

~ Love Felicia



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A 32 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education but my true passion is beauty and style. I am the wife of an ocean dredger who is often gone. I love fashion but most of the time I cant always afford what's popular with other bloggers. That is why my blog will be dedicated to finding more tangible alternatives. I cant wait to start this journey with the world!

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