UpBra Magic


Hello all and Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying their time with family and friends. Some of my family came to visit me and I have been soaking in all the fun and food. Gym sessions will definitely be needed soon. BUT what I really wanted to tell you about was this awesome bra I found. Now I’m a little bustier (34DD) so I don’t usually get along with strapless bra’s. They usually just aren’t powerful enough to fully hold me up. That is until I found UpBra. They have a different technology that I was skeptical about until I actually tried it. You are actually able to adjust it underneath to tighten and create more cleavage. There is also plastic in the padding which I thought would be uncomfortable at first but aided in the lifting. I also couldn’t even feel it.  The best part is that when I’m wearing it, I don’t have to constantly pull it up to keep it in place. It really stays and holds the ladies well. What makes it different you ask? “The Stay-Up Strapless Upbra bra is made for special occasions when you need a powerful strapless bra that will not fall down. This version has a specifically formulated vinyl grip that will keep you up, even when worn strapless! And of course, this bra comes with bra straps in case you want to wear it with straps. Now available in red!” I’m seriously so excited to break out all the outfits I have been scared to wear because of my lack of support. Than You UpBra for this awesome collaboration!


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A 32 year old shopping enthusiast living in Huntington Beach, CA. I have a B.S. in Speech Pathology and an M.E. in Special Education but my true passion is beauty and style. I am the wife of an ocean dredger who is often gone. I love fashion but most of the time I cant always afford what's popular with other bloggers. That is why my blog will be dedicated to finding more tangible alternatives. I cant wait to start this journey with the world!

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